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  1. Have you seen the Keep Going campaign? 

    It was started by Leona Thriftola, creator of Lucky Dip Club and The Indie Rollercoaster.  Indie Rollercoaster is aFacebook community for all Indie Business owners and is all about community over competition and supporting each other.

    Keep Going  was created after Leona realised it was one of the things that came up over and over again in the group. She asked the group to make things using the phrase Keep Going, and send the photos and a small paragraph about why you keep going to Leona, who then shares them on the Indie Roller Keep Going Instagram account regularly to remind and encourage indie biz owners everywhere to keep going.

    This was my submission for the campaign.

    My why is: I keep going becuase I've come too far to give in and walk away now. I also don't want to be responsible for making a unicorn cry.

    KEEP GOING - Indie Rollercoaster Keep Going campaign


    You can check out the Indie Roller Community & the Keep Going Campaign here:

    Instagram:  @keep_going_indieroller 

    Instagram: @indie_roller

    Facebook: @theindierollercoaster

    You can join the Indie Rollercoaster Community here.

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  2. On the Tuesday 1st May 2018 the next round of the 100  Day Goal starts, I'm so excited, this will be the seventh round of the 100 Day Goal I've taken part in and over the last 2 and a half years it's beome one of the main tools in my entrepreneurial toolbox, I use it over and over again and no matter what other productivity techniques I use I always come back to this one.

    The 100 Day Goal was created by Julia Bickerstaff of The Business Bakery, the idea is to set  goal you want to achieve by the end of the 100 Days then work towards it by doing one thing every day. So your first task is set your goal, it doesn't matter what it is, it could be to launch new product in your business or even set up a new business, or it could be personal like stopping smoking, losing weight or decluttering your house. There's also a lot of science backing up the theories of 100 Day Goal including that the process of doing one thing a day to move forward forms a habit so, before long, it's totally integrated into your daily life.

    Then you make your list of your 100 micro actions, you might not be able to think of 100 straight away but you'll come up with more as you go along, as long as each one gets you closer to your goal it's all good.

    Here's the kit that I use when working through the 100 Day Goal, a printable micro action list from The Business Bakery, a stash of coloured pens and a Tippex pen (essential for making mistakes vanish!), my reading glasses, a ruler, some aptly worded sticky notes and my gold Filofax which contains all of my business plans etc for both Crafty Alchemy  & Claire Salisbury Studios.

    100 Day Goal Kit Business Bakery

    I tend to use the 100 Day Goal system for those really big plans, the ones that seem so big that you begin to wonder if you'll be able to pull it off, and I'll admit I haven't always hit the goal that I've set but I've always been a lot closer to it than I would have been if I hadn't started at all. Sometimes the goal really is so big that you have to do it over several 100 Day Goals, it took me 3 and a half attempts to get Claire Salisbury Studios off the ground. It was actually one of Julia's daily inspiration emails that encouraged me to set off down a whole new path of surface pattern design which led to me wanting my own studio and range of products.

    This time around my goal is Crafty Alchemy based, it's quite a big goal and it's something I've wanted to do for years and years, so I've decided to go for it, I'd be lying if I said it doesn't make me a tad nervous, because it makes me very nervous (I know that lots of makers feel the same when they embark on something new, but it doesn't really help get rid of that feeling) My plan is to get a subscription box up & running.

    Julia runs 3 rounds of 100 Day Goals each year, starting on 1st January, 1st of May and 1st of September so if you can't join in this time round there's always another opportunity, You can sign up for all of the printables, daily emails and access to the Facebook group here  and it's totally free too.

    So, what do you want to achieve? Go on, get started!

    Signature - Saturday Rock

  3. I've got quite a few scrapbook albums on the go and they've been a little bit neglected lately so I'm making an effort to get them back on track. These scrapbook pages are part of my I Am Project which I started to celebrate all of the little things that make me, me. 

    I'm trying to record all of my traits, habits, funny little quirks and all the other stuff too. This first scrapbook page documents one of the personality traits that anyone who has ever met me knows I have. 

    I am always optimistic, some people see the glass as half empty, some people see the glass as half full, personally I think the glass has room for more wine - good from both sides. I always try to find something to smile about.


    This next page, I dithered over when I was creating it, I was concerned it may come across as a little self indulgent but then I remembered that I was making this album for me, to remind me of all the good stuff when I'm feeling a little less than, so I went with it anyway. 


    My mum always tells me I'm awesome, and I'm not going to disagree with Mum, that sort of behaviour can get you grounded!


    I do love layering on my scrapbook layouts and one of the things I really love about creating small scrapbook pages, like these pages that are 6 inches by 8 inches, is I can use up lots of little bits of patterned paper and left over embellishments to make a dent in the huge amount of scrapbook stash I have.

    I'll take some photos of the other pages from this album to share with you soon.

    Have you created a scrapbook album all about you? Or do you have any tips on how to use up all the patterned paper and shiny objects that us crafty types like to hoard? Let me know in the coments, I'd love to see what you've been up to.

    Love Claire