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    This weeks collection of Christmas kits is Cute Christmas, so there's a bit less tradition and a generous sprinkle of Kawaii style cuteness.

    I created the Sugar Cookie Heart and Star Kits  as I've always wanted to hang sweet treats on the Christmas tree, but, I have a large dog who wouldn't understand that they're not for him. He would also probably destroy the tree, the decorations and half the house in the pursuit of real sugar cookies.

    Sugar Cookie Heart Kit

    The felt Sugar Cookies seemed like the ideal solution. Both of the kits contain Biscuit coloured felt along with Pastel Pink, Peppermint and Vanilla coloured felt for the icing. And, like all of the Crafty Alchemy kits, the kits have easy to follow instructions so it's ideal for both experienced sewists or total beginners. Now all I need to do is work out is how to make them smell like actual Sugar Cookies!

    Sugar Cookie Star Sewing Kit

    Then there's the Cloud Decoration Kit, cute, smiley, fluffy clouds that look totally awesome on an alternative Christmas tree. (Especially along side our Unicorn Decoration Kit). 

    Cloud Decoration Sewing Kit

    And finally the classic Star Kit. Little pastel yellow stars with little, wooden buttons. Simple and stunning.

    Star Christmas Decoration Kit

    Click here to buy now and add a little handmade to your home this Christmas.

    Next week I'll be back with the Sweet Treats Kits Collection.

    Stay creative!

    Crafty Alchemy


    In the run up to Christmas it usually gets a bit manic, Christmas shopping, school holidays, office Christmas parties and trying to work out how to squeeze 12 family members around a 4 seater dining table for Christmas dinner. I may not be able to help you cook the perfect turkey, but I can help with the Christmas decor around your home.

    I've curated the Crafty Alchemy Christmas Decoration Sewing kits into co-ordinating, themed collections for you to make choosing new decorations for your Christmas tree or elsewhere around your home easier.

    All of the Christmas Decoration Kits contain everything you need (except scissors) to make a set of 3 decorations, the easy to follow instructions also make this a perfect gift for people who have never picked up a sewing needle before or who are a sewing superstars!

    This week is Tradtional Christmas so there's lots of red and some classic Christmas icons in this collection of DIY decoration kits.

    First up is the Christmas Heart Decorations Kit. This sewing kit contains everything you need to make these 3 heart decorations for your Christmas tree, shown here in the Traditional colour scheme of Red, Biscuit & White. This heart sewing kit is also available in pastel colours.


    The next kit in the Traditional Christmas Collection is the classic Gingerbread men decoration kit. The gingerbread men are smiley little fellas with big hearts. The instructions are really easy to follow, even if you've never picked up a needle before.

    Gingerbread Men Christmas Decorations

    I couldn't put together a Traditional Christmas Kit Collection without including the Gingerbread House Decorations Kit, after all, the Gingerbread Men need somewhere to live. These mini felt Gingerbread Houses are adorned with white felt icing, colourful buttons and look really sweet on your Christmas tree, especially alongside the Gingerbread Men Decorations

    Gingerbread House Christmas Decoration Sewing Kit

    And the final kit in the Traditional Kit Collection is one of the most famous Christmas stories - Santa's Reindeer! This DIY reindeer decoration kit  has all you need to make 3 cute reindeer decorations with large, red noses, these guys will look so adorable hanging from your Christmas tree. 

    Reindeer Christmas Decoration Sewing Kit


    Click here to buy now and add a little handmade to your home this Christmas.

    Next week I'll be back with the Cute Kits Collection.

    Signature - Saturday Rock

  3. Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when you purchase something from a creative or independent business? Well, wonder no more, grab a cuppa, come on into my studio & I'll tell you all about it.

    So, you're shopping, it could be a gift for someone or a payday treat for yourself, you come across something you love online, you pop it in your basket, pay for it at checkout & Ta Dah! It either drops through your letter box or a postie or courier will knock on your door (hopefully) if it won't fit through your letterbox, it arrives, you open it, you love it and all is good.



    Now, this is what happens in between you clicking the "pay now" button and saying Thank You to your postie.

    Our phone will go ping, ding or kerching alerting us to your purchase (seriously, Etsy makes a kerching noise on your phone when someone buys something from you shop, it's awesome!).

    We smile or grin & do a little happy dance (we even happy dance in our dreams if you place an order with us whilst we're sleeping**) as every single order means so much to us.



    If your item is handmade to order the shop owner will make it for you first, then when it's ready or if it's a ready to post item we will wrap them up with love & care. This is actually my favourite part of the whole process, I absolutely love to receive packages that someone has taken the time to wrap up nicely like a gift and you also get a glimpse of the actual, real person behind the business. So I've always taken the time to wrap each order & write a little note to my customers so that they know that their custom is important to me and that it is greatly appreciated. Hopefully they get the same warm, fuzzy feeling I get when receiving and unwrapping a carefully wrapped package.



    We then pack up your parcel securely and hand it over to our postal service or courier of choice and trust that they will deliver it to you safely. I promise you, hand on heart, that if your parcel does go astray we are just as annoyed & miffed about that as you are. It really knocks the sprinkles off my sundae when, on rare occasions, a parcel doesn't make it or is damaged in transit, but we'll always do everything we can to rectify the situation and ensure you're a happy customer.

    I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse behind the scenes of a small, creative business. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

    Signature - Saturday Rock

    ** true story!